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Silver is closer than you think

With Sept. 1 just around the corner, you may be thinking it’s too late to reach HumanaVitality Silver Status. If so, a word of encouragement for everyone who started down the road—then got sidetracked by nearly every other life demand.

Remembering that HumanaVitality rewards participation as much as exercise, it’s quite possible you’re just steps away from reaching Silver and saving.

Health Assessment

The first step to achieving Silver status is completing the Health Assessment, a quick, efficient tool to earn points. Just visit humanavitality.com or download the HumanaVitality app and take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. Not only will you gain insight into your own health and lifestyle, you’ll automatically reach Bronze status.

Vitality Checks

A Vitality Check is one of the easiest ways to get points. If you have an annual screening or check-up scheduled after Sept. 1, consider seeing your doctor earlier for your Vitality Check. If you would rather keep your regular appointment, or if you’ve already completed a Vitality Check but didn’t submit your results before the three-month deadline, consider scheduling your screening at a Walgreen’s or Kroger clinic. Why? Because this screening takes little time, and the results can be uploaded by the clinic’s staff. You earn 2,000 points just for getting the Vitality Check, and if the results fall within normal ranges, you can earn up to 4,000 points! Best of all, a Vitality Check at a Walgreen’s or Kroger clinic is free! Just sign in at humanavitality.com and under the Get Healthy tab, choose Vitality Check. You will be able to choose a location and print a voucher.

If you haven’t signed up yet, there are three ways to get started:

  • Visit humanavitality.com
  • Call HumanaVitality at 1-888-217-6069
  • Speak to your HumanaVitality Champ today

HumanaVitality offers dozens of ways to earn additional points, including exercising; donating blood; getting additional exams such as mammograms, dental checkups and vision checks; completing health quizzes and much more. Reaching goals and completing challenges on the HumanaVitality app and on the website can earn you hundreds of points. Reaching Milestones on the HumanaVitality app bring valuable points quickly and easily.

So whether you’re almost at Silver status or just getting started, it’s not too late to become engaged with HumanaVitality. By investing time into your health and reaching silver Status, you can also save $480 annually on health care premiums in 2017. Take a moment to visit humanavitality.com and start your own quest for Silver.

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