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HumanaVitality: Getting to Silver

Hopefully by now you’ve heard that as of 1/1 team members who are part of Baptist’s health insurance plan can earn discounts on their 2016 insurance premiums if they engage in HumanaVitality and reach at least the Bronze status by September 1, 2015. You’ll experience even more savings if you reach the Silver status.

Team members who reach a Bronze status in HumanaVitality by Sept. 1, 2015 will receive a $20 per month ($10 per pay period) discount on their health plan premiums in 2016. All you need to do to get to the Bronze status is complete the HumanaVitality online Health Assessment at

Employees who reach a Silver status in HumanaVitality by Sept. 1, 2015 will receive a $40 per month ($20 per pay period) discount on their health plan premiums in 2016. There are many ways to move from the Bronze to Silver status. It all depends on how you want to engage in your health and earn points.

So, you’re not sure how to get to Silver? We understand. That’s why we’ll give you different tips in every Leader update on how to earn the points you need.

First things first, you have to know how many points you need, right? Well, to get to the Bronze status it’s easy. Just take your online Health Assessment and you’re there. No counting of points needed. Please note, you must take your Health Assessment every year, so make sure that you’ve taken it since 1/1/2015 to be at a Bronze status. If you’ve taken the Health Assessment previously, all your answers will be stored and you only need to go through and update your answers with any changes that may apply.

Want to see how many points you need to reach Silver? You can find out one of two ways:

  • If you’ve never used the Vitality program before, use the chart below to see how many points you’ll need. Only consider the members of your family who are 18 and older and are on your Baptist health insurance plan.



As an example: if you and your spouse have two children, 11 and 19, and they are all on the Baptist insurance plan with you, you will need 11,000 points to reach Silver (5,000 for you + 3,000 each for your spouse and 19-year-old child). If you are the only member on your insurance plan, it would only take 5,000 points to get to Silver.

  • If you’ve already been using the Vitality program, you’ve already earned points so just sign on to your Vitality account and your Vitality home page will tell you how many points you need to move to the next status level.
  • Remember, don’t stop once you get to Silver. You’re not only earning a discount on your insurance premium as you attain the Bronze or Silver status, but you’re also earning Vitality points, which equal Vitality bucks to spend in the Vitality mall. The higher your status the deeper discount you get in the mall! You get a 10 percent discount at the Silver status, 20 percent at Gold and 40 percent at Platinum! So what’s that mean to you? If you want to purchase a $25 Amazon gift card in the mall, it will cost you 2,500 Bucks at Bronze; 2,253 Bucks at Silver; 2,000 Bucks at Gold and 1,498 Bucks at Platinum status. So keep going!

So now that you know how many points you need, let’s get started on your path to Silver. You’ll begin by logging in to and taking your online Health Assessment. Once completed, you will have earned 500 points for completing, + 250 points if you complete it within the first 90 days of the year, and, if it’s your first time to ever take the assessment, you’ll earn another 500 points. That’s a potential of 1,250 points!

If you have not registered on the website previously, click here and follow the registration instructions first. Otherwise, simply log in with your username and password.

The Health Assessment will ask you a series of questions to assist the Vitality program in recommending goals and a path to a healthier you. This data will not impact your health care costs, and no one will see the answers you give, so be as accurate as you can. This is all about you and your personal journey.

Once you complete the Health Assessment, you will receive your Vitality Age. This age will show you how you’re living in comparison to your chronological age. You will also receive a personal report that will show, in red, yellow and green colors, areas that you are succeeding in and areas that need improvement. Finally, you will get recommended goals to help you on your path to a healthier you. We’ll discuss goals in future installments, but for right now, you can simply complete the Health Assessment and check Leader in two weeks for additional instructions.

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