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Don Davis, a volunteer and member of Baptist Golden Triangle’s board of directors, rides the smoothie bike to make himself a delicious treat.

Baptist hospitals combine eating right and exercising in a unique way

Baptist Memphis and Baptist Golden Triangle are two of several Baptist Memorial hospitals that recently used “smoothie bikes” to promote physical activity and healthy eating.

At Baptist Memphis, Ron Nichols, director of Food & Nutrition, rode the bike in the hospital cafeteria. Smoothie ingredients are put into the blender and secured to the back of the bike, then the rider peddles to make the blender work. The more the rider peddles, the more the ingredients are blended together.

Baptist Golden Triangle team members, employees and visitors have the chance to ride the bike during the hospital’s weekly Farmer’s Markets, which offer a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, dried pasta, homemade bread, canned jams, jellies, pickles, goat’s milk soap, soy candles and other natural items to promote healthy eating and support local growers. Drew Dixon, the hospital’s Morrison’s executive chef, has something special each week under the chef’s tent.


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