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BTS team members mimic doctors, watch system’s health

While a doctor checks a patient’s pulse in the hospital, Baptist Technology Services (BTS) team members now have a clear method of constantly checking Baptist’s technical pulse to ensure all systems are healthy. For Chris Craig, senior network administrator and analyst, and Viral Patel, a database administrator, checking the system’s health just got clearer with Epic’s System Pulse upgrade.

“With this dashboard, we can monitor the system in real time,” said Chris. “The main database servers are the heart and breath of Baptist.”

In one glance, the BTS team can gather information about how the server is performing, Epic processes and end-user responsiveness. Why is this important? “It really allows us to see if we have a problem. We can monitor the speed, if the system is slow or if someone can’t access the system,” said Viral. In short, System Pulse helps predict a problem, allowing IT teams to troubleshoot far in advance. The new dashboard provides color coding and graphs for better visual monitoring.

Because all patient data is now electronic and access is critical, Baptist can’t afford any downtime. “If someone can’t log into Epic, it directly affects patient care,” said Viral. To be sure, Baptist has back-up systems and redundancies built into the system in case of a failure. In fact, the system can actually auto-correct itself when a weakness is found.

The new dashboard provides more detail, and analysts can custom build multiple screens to monitor preferred data.

“We’re really proud of a lot of the work this group has accomplished in a short three years,” said Chris. Having been at Baptist for more than 20 years, he has witnessed a cultural shift with Epic. “Now, technology is integrated more than ever before.” And no doubt with this team, the beat goes on even stronger than ever.

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