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Service First Winners Give, Serve…and Still Give More

Tammari Borum
Tammari Borum

Tammari Borum, OB Tech at Baptist Women’s Hospital, was named Service First Champion for the first quarter of 2016. Several voices nominated Tammari, all pointing to her continued efforts to offer help when most needed. Described as positive, professional and highly responsive, one team member also added she is “rarely stationary.”

Supporting the OB and OR teams in the Labor Unit at Women’s, she recently volunteered to sit with three small children until family could arrive–as the parents faced a difficult delivery. When it was clear the baby would not live, she continued to watch the children for more than an hour until additional family arrived. In addition to volunteering to work extra shifts when needed, “Tam” as she’s known, agreed to work Christmas night again for a team member who was 36 weeks pregnant.

Amanda White
Amanda White

Amanda White, RN, was recently named Baptist Union County’s Service First Champion for the quarter. Amanda has been part of the nursing team at Baptist Union County for 11 years and is head nurse for the medical-surgical nursing unit. She was nominated by a team member for going above and beyond to meet the needs of a patient and his spouse. As head nurse, Amanda often deals with challenging situations, so when a patient was admitted to the unit along with his wife, Amanda identified some needs and took action. Not only did Amanda arrange for them to get a shower, clean clothes, and meals, she took it upon herself to purchase clothing items with her own money for the patient’s wife.

“Amanda has a big heart and is helpful to the patients,” stated the team member in the nomination. “She is a single mom raising three kids and truly went above and beyond to help.”

At Baptist Union City, two paramedics, Shelia Grooms and Tyler Berner, were named Service First Champions. Their nomination indicated the paramedics’ dedication to patients. One day in March, the pair entered the Emergency Department to find the team busy tending to a patient with a gunshot wound. At the same time, a patient with chest pain arrived. Shelia assisted the team by placing the patient on the monitor, taking vitals, looking for an IV and updating the patient that a nurse would be right in. Tyler also helped start an IV, called to see if any helicopters were flying and answered the ED phone.

Shelia Grooms and Tyler Berner
Shelia Grooms and Tyler Berner

As noted in the nomination, “Both of these employees had a busy day and could have gone to bed but decided that they would help the ED staff instead. My fellow colleagues and I have said that we could not have made it through it if it weren’t for their help and selflessness. They stayed up assisting in any way they could until both patients were successfully transferred to another facility.”

At Baptist Corporate, Carol Bubnick has garnered solid praise for her work, not only using the Baptist Management System, but helping others truly navigate the full potential of their tools by her relentless drive to problem solve and improve. Described as a truly cheerful servant with the capability of adapting to the unexpected, Carol is instrumental as a member of the Branding A3 Team.

Carol Bubnick
Carol Bubnick

“Carol has been very helpful with guiding me through the A3 process. In June 2015 I started an A3 on reducing travel costs for the new hospital in Oxford. That A3 quickly turned into six revisions and three Baby A3s. Carol’s coaching helped me to start asking the right questions, to dig deeper and to understand what I was really trying to accomplish,” said Pam Hill, a project manager in the Corporate Information Technology department.

“Change is one thing. Changing a culture is another thing altogether. Carol exhibits a tireless commitment to give each of us the tools to be instrumental in building a new culture at Baptist,” said Dr. Jack Brown, Baptist’s chief medical information officer.

Leading and training, Carol’s dedication to drive innovation sets her apart. “Carol is an innovator and a motivator. She role models the behaviors she expects to see in others,” said Beverly Jordan, Baptist’s vice president and chief information and transformation officer.

In true Service First form, Carol donated her prize to the Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit fundraising campaign.

Congratulations to all the Service First winners!

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