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Service First winners brave weather, give rides and foster dreams

Baptist Union City

Baptist Union City

Baptist Union City recognized Dana Grimes, certified admissions representative, as Service First Champion for first quarter of fiscal year 2017.

Dana has been a Baptist Union City team member since 2011. Dana helped facilitate a rare request that involved a John Deere 4020 tractor. A patient was searching for a tractor to fulfill a sick grandson’s wish. Undergoing treatment at St. Jude, the grandson’s greatest wish was to “ride on a 4020 John Deere tractor in the Christmas parade.” Curious, Dana looked the tractor up online and printed a picture. Another patient saw the picture and said he was getting ready to auction the same tractor. Dana connected the patients, who discovered they lived in the same town, and the grandpa bought the tractor for nearly three times less than the usual price. In the end, the teary-eyed grandson rode on the tractor in the parade.

Baptist Union County

Baptist Union County

Tim Nichols, MRI technologist, was recently named Baptist Union County’s Service First Champion for the quarter. Tim has been a part of the Baptist team for 15 years and was nominated by Gary Tedford, director of radiology.

After an elderly patient had completed a radiology procedure, Tim found a wheelchair and escorted the patient to the front lobby. Upon arriving in the lobby, Tim was concerned that the heavy rain and harsh winds would make it unsafe for the patient to walk to her car. Tim asked the patient to remain in the lobby while he brought her car under the awning to prevent the patient from getting wet and risk falling. The patient happily agreed and thanked him for going the extra steps to help.

In the nomination, Gary stated, “Tim demonstrated Service First by going above and beyond, walking through the rain to get the patient’s car so she would not have to.”

Also nominated for Service First Champion were Christine Courtney, Scott Hatcher, Sarah Roaton, Anne Smith, and Tammy Wiggins.

Baptist Tipton

Baptist Tipton

Jennifer Hill has been described as hardworking, caring and helpful. Her recent nomination detailed just how far her helpful nature extends. After being discharged, a patient had no transportation home. Finishing her shift, Jennifer gave the patient a ride home—and waited more than an hour with him until he could get into his locked apartment. The next day, the patient called her specifically to review discharge instructions and follow-up care.

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