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Baptist Women’s and Baptist Children’s salute volunteers

Baptist volunteers play an unbelievably crucial role in our hospitals and communities. Recently, Baptist Women’s Hospital held the first annual Volunteer Celebration to honor those who give precious time to help others.

During 2016, the Baptist group of volunteers gave 4,439.29 hours of time with a lifetime total for this group of 60,153.33!

“Many of our volunteers hold multiple roles and activities each and every day.

A few examples include those volunteers who work not only at Women’s, but also at the Pink Palace, the airport and with the Veterans Association several days a week.  One volunteer is also very active with Meals on Wheels,” said Missy Clifton, manager of retail and guest services with Baptist Women’s Hospital.

And volunteers aren’t always retired. Many work full time in addition to volunteering and serve at their church on a regular basis. Some are full-time students; two student volunteers are attending medical school this fall. Another pediatric volunteer has chosen to be a child life specialist.

“On behalf of Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and the Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital, I want to sincerely thank all of our volunteers for all that you do for us and for helping to make us the best we can be,” said Missy.

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