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Baptist DeSoto Reports Low CAUTI and VAP Incidence

Baptist DeSoto has gone 393 days without a Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) and 280 days without Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

“This is a record for our ICU without a CAUTI. It could not have happened without the dedication and commitment from our front line staff,” said Leslie Gordon, MSN, RN, and nurse manager since 2012.

Infection Prevention Manager Amy Kirby, MSN, CNL, CIC, RN, has worked in the Baptist DeSoto Infection Prevention Department since 2010. “This is the longest time span I’ve seen our ICU go without a CAUTI, and we are doing very well with VAP reduction.”

Certain areas of the hospital, including ICU and oncology, tend to be at higher risk because patients are generally more critical, immune-compromised or on long-term antibiotics.

Amy says their team closely monitors outcomes and reports any infection immediately to the department managers. “It’s essential to immediately report any infection.”

Baptist DeSoto has also employed more education, using the Training Within Industry (TWI) technique. Leslie explains the new processes include multi-disciplinary rounds, TWI Hand Washing, TWI Peri-Care performed for PCAs, posting daily device information and discussing target device numbers in safety huddles. Another process improvement included focus on Bundle Compliance Data Collection.

“Everyone has embraced the new processes and been diligent in providing excellent care to our patients. This is now the ‘norm’ for everyone to acknowledge and act on device utilization,” said Leslie.

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