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Baptist DeSoto honors Women’s Auxiliary during luncheon

On Sept. 12, Baptist DeSoto honored and celebrated the Women’s Auxiliary, who has partnered with Baptist since the group’s founding in 2001. Working under the direction of Chaplain Steve Edmonds, director of pastoral care, the group has helped fulfill Baptist’s greater mission.

The Women’s Auxiliary works behind the scenes with local churches, ministering to patients and their families in several ways. During the last 15 years, the Women’s Auxiliary has given out more than 11,000 crocheted baby caps. In addition, they provide small stuffed animals and finger puppets for pediatric patients, handmade, stuffed “hug” pillows for heart and mastectomy patients, handmade caps for cancer patients, walker pockets for inpatient rehab patients, and a variety of used magazines for patients and visitors to read while in the hospital.

Six ladies from the Women’s Auxiliary deliver small “Baby’s First Bibles” every week to the mothers of newborns. The group has given out more than 13,000 Bibles since 2001.

“The partnership and ministry of the Women’s Auxiliary at Baptist DeSoto helps our hospital fulfill our mission of the three fold ministry of Christ: healing, preaching and teaching,” Steve said. “We are grateful for the women of this organization and their ministry to the community through this hospital. Their sacrifice of time, talent and service make a difference.”

James Huffman, administrator/CEO; Brian Hogan, assistant administrator; and Beth Hughey, RN, nurse manger for the Women’s Pavilion, were on hand to express their appreciation on behalf of the hospital.

The ladies received certificates in recognition of their service and a special gift from the hospital. In addition, Clarene Edwards and June Coleman were given fresh flower arrangements in honor of their service as the only two presidents to serve since the group was organized.

Members of the Women’s Auxiliary include: Dimple Aigner, Barbara Ash, Dot Bennett, June Coleman, Lillian Drew, Clarene Edwards, Britt Emerson, Norma Gordon, Norma Gunn, Kitty Hoggard, Brenda Joyner, Gene Nolan, Peggy Ryan, and Mary White.

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