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Baptist DeSoto has the ‘Right’ mindset

Getting everyone to speak the same language can sometimes be a challenge.  But for the team at Baptist DeSoto, it’s what drives them every day, in every department—and has resulted in a hospital-wide Baptist Management System (BMS) mindset.

Making improvements in the areas of Right Care, Right Time, Right Place and Right Cost.

“We work with the A3s we receive from the corporate office each year and set up a strategic A3 under each of the ‘Right’ domains,” said Baptist DeSoto Chief Nursing Officer Mary Townsend-Gervis, RN. “We then build tactical A3s under each of those.”

For example, under Right Care, the team has created A3s for catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI), falls, several related to HCAHPS scores, employee engagement and physician engagement.  Every month, a status update is conducted to assess the progress made in the last 30 days toward specific goals under each tactical A3.  KATA work flows from there, with daily objectives completed moving the team closer to the goals outlined in the A3 status update.

Under the Right Time domain, strategic goals include OR on-time starts and turnaround times; ED throughput times on admitted patients, discharged patients and left-without-being-seen patients; and length of stay.  “The ED KATA board is focused on decreasing the time that it takes for a patient to be treated in our emergency department and either admitted or discharged,” said Mary. In addition, KATA work in the lab is related to improving the flow between the crucial 3 and 11 p.m. timeframe. Another KATA board in radiology involves testing and services conducted during the same time.  All these efforts tie back to the emergency department.

No more silos

“You can see the connection between the way we work the management system, not only in the fact that we are streamlining our goals as an organization, but also how we pull in the frontline staff and departments,” said Mary. “Everyone works together.”

There are 16 active KATA boards, each under the scrutiny of the shepherding group.  “It’s the KATA of the KATA…we examine KATA boards to make sure they are setting attainable target goals and monitor whether or not they are achieving those goals 60 to 75 percent of the time.”

“KATA mentality” throughout the building

“We approach everything asking ‘What is your target condition? What is your current condition? Have you done a test? What did you expect? What happened?  What did you learn?’ We think this way when we are in meetings, or having conversations…so we are working through problems all the time.”

Overall, Mary says the staff is pleased because before, goals weren’t as clearly defined as they now are. “The whole mentality has shifted and managers know what is happening in their units.  As a leader, I know what is going on, the quality of that work, and the opportunities for change and where to focus our energy.”

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