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Baptist Booneville provides funding for lifesaving device

Baptist Booneville recently awarded a $5,940 grant to the City of Booneville to purchase four automated external defibrillators for city parks. An AED is a device that automatically analyzes heart rhythms and advises the operator to deliver an electrical shock if the heart is in a fatal heart rhythm. AEDs are safe and will not shock anyone accidentally, unintentionally, or who is not in a fatal heart rhythm. Non-medical personnel can use AEDs safely and effectively with minimal training.

“Any adult can learn to use this simple piece of medical equipment and possibly save a life,” explains Teresa Dawson, chief nursing officer for Baptist Booneville. “The AED is especially beneficial for outdoor sporting events where athletes are at greater risk of experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.”

Booneville Mayor Derrick Blythe thanked Baptist Booneville for providing the funds to purchase the lifesaving devices.

“One would hope the situation never arises when the AED is needed, but there is comfort knowing it is there just in case,” said Blythe.

Caption: Pictured in the photo from left to right: Teresa Dawson, Baptist Booneville CNO, and Mayor Derrick Blythe

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