Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Wedding planners

The Baptist Restorative Care Hospital team became wedding planners this week to honor the wishes of one of their patients, Sammie Hopson, and his fiancée. They decorated his room with balloons and flowers; our food and nutrition team made a wedding cake; and Rev. David Brunson, one of our chaplains, performed the ceremony.

After nearly two months in Baptist Memphis’ CVICU, Sammie has spent the past three and a half months at Baptist Restorative Care. He wanted to get married before undergoing another surgery, and the Baptist Restorative Care team graciously honored his request. As Baptist Restorative Care CEO and administrator Janice Hill said, “Baptist Memphis saved his life, and Baptist Restorative Care gave him back his life.”

Surprisingly, this wasn’t a unique occurrence. Baptist North Mississippi team members did the same thing a few years ago for a terminal cancer patient. And I’m sure others of you have similar stories.

I love that we can share these special moments with our patients. We have the unique opportunity to bring some joy to people who may be at the lowest point in their lives. Our patients trust us enough to share their wishes, hopes and dreams. And we do whatever we can to make them come true. It’s yet another example of how we bring empathy to our work.

So, thank you to the moonlighting wedding planners, photographers, counselors, quilters, singers and coaches who somehow find time to bring these additional talents to our patients. Thank you for striving to provide the perfect patient experience. Thank you for caring enough to make your patients’ day a little brighter.

What special things have you done for your patients? Email them to me, tweet me @jason_m_little or find me on LinkedIn.

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