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Select Health Alliance Kicks off Diabetes Awareness Campaign

In late March, Select Health Alliance (SHA) kicked off a diabetes awareness campaign, the first of several systemwide health campaigns focused on educating Baptist team members about various diseases and how to actively manage and prevent them.

A physician-led organization comprising Mid-South physicians, SHA’s mission is to improve quality, efficiency and patient outcomes. Specifically for Baptist, SHA chose a diabetes education and prevention campaign to help raise awareness about the risks, especially for those individuals who remain undiagnosed.

“We have nearly a third of the U.S. population at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. That’s about 90 million people. We know awareness and education, along with weight loss and exercise, can delay the onset, or even prevent, diabetes,” said Dr. Henry Sullivant, chief medical officer for Select Health Alliance.

Any Baptist team member interesting in taking the diabetes risk assessment can visit

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