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Columbus Lowndes Humane Society employee, Darlene Brown, holds Jaxx the kitten on the left, Megan Pratt, Hospital marketing director, in the middle and Donna Grant, community relations coordinator, holds a toy for Tonka the other rescue cat to play with. The all surround the shopping cart full of about 100 disgaurded hospital blankets and gowns they are donating to the humane society Tuesday. (Luisa Porter/ Dispatch Staff)

Baptist Golden Triangle helps furry shelter friends

Baptist Golden Triangle team members found a clever way to connect the dots between the hospital’s discards and the Columbus-Lowndes County Humane Society animal shelter by repurposing linens.

Working through Baptist team member Brenda Comer, who sits on the shelter board, the Baptist Golden Triangle team now recycles linens that formerly were hitting the trash can.

“We donated patient gowns, blankets and sheets that had stains or were ripped or frayed that the laundry would normally throw away,” said Megan Pratt, director of marketing.

The team visited the shelter on Sept. 19 to deliver a donation and plans to donate on a regular basis. “We recycle towels and wash clothes to be used by our EVS folks, but discard the other linens we can’t use for patients.” At the shelter, the gowns prevent the spread of germs while the blankets come in handy during the long, cold winter.

The Baptist Golden Triangle team hopes to inspire other hospitals that may be searching for a more green—and furry—option for linens.

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