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Baptist Booneville opens Closet of Hope

Baptist Booneville recently opened Closet of Hope, representing an organized intentional way to grow the generosity found at the hospital. Recognizing that healing happens in many dimensions, including meeting a patient’s spiritual and material needs, the Baptist Booneville team acted upon a team member’s suggestion to create a donation point within the hospital.

“In the past, Baptist Booneville teams have reached into their own pockets, to either generously donate toward or outright purchase items for our patients. These items ranged from a simple pair of socks to Christmas gifts for an entire family. These random acts of kindness are the hallmark of our hospital, follow the three fold ministry of Christ, and are what distinguishes us from our competition,” said Sergio Warren, director of marketing at Baptist Booneville.

The new location serves as a place to store donations for future needs and is open to all team members. Items such as clothes, shoes, and even children’s toys can be donated and stored in the location. Baptist Booneville held a naming contest for team members and eventually Closet of Hope was chosen.

With the help of the Service First Committee, a donation day was held to collect new items for the closet. “We are very proud of the closet and how our staff has taken ownership of it. With this closet, we hope to meet the material needs of our patients as well as their medical need,” said Sergio.

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