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Colleague’s Corner: What’s in your toolbox?

When things break and need repair you pull out your tool box. Depending on the situation, you decide what tools are needed to best mend the situation. You would never use a hammer to fix a broken vase, or glue to patch a busted water pipe. Using the right tool is essential in successfully mending.

If your circumstances are in disrepair, be sure to pull faith instead of fear from your internal toolkit. Fear will only worsen your situation. God has provided everything you need to restore the damage to a new state in which glory can endure. In our world of humanness, unexpected blunders will affect our existence. Just as a glass falls and shatters into slivers of shard, our expectations can crumble into disrepair. Instead of running in fear of sharp splinters, you sweep up the pieces and throw them away. If a door falls from its hinges, you put it back in place. If your life seems damaged, know that God has provided the tools of restoration.

Don’t live in fear and doubt when hopes are broken, for God has provided us with the all the tools we need to repair the hurt that can occur in our lives. God has given us His word, which is where we find faith. (So, then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God, Romans 10:17 KJV). Replace fear and doubt with faith. Sharpen your tools by staying in God’s word, and be prepared to overcome.

By: Kim Ridley, registered nurse and nurse recruiter for Baptist

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