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Colleague’s Corner: Thoughtfully Present

Sometimes it can feel that you are in a mad dash to the finish line of life. Work, school, families and (if we get the chance) play can fill our minds. We rush to get to work only to realize we’ve rushed to get home. We hurry off for vacation only to hurry back to start it all over again. It’s a race we’ve created for ourselves.

Do you ever wonder how to slow down? Does the thought ever cross your mind that none of this makes sense? The way to experience life to the fullest is to stay in the presence of God. The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.” Realistically, it is impossible to be on your knees with your eyes closed chanting prayers 24/7. But to pray with your heart and soul with a mindful spirit continuously, a conscious effort of thoughtful connectedness with God is possible. Praying without ceasing will only happen if you develop a habitual mindset of awareness that permeates your thoughts. You must be thoughtful of His love, His mercy and His grace all day, every day. Make a commitment to seek His presence, giving thanks for all He has done, praise for all He is about to do and mercy for the things you cannot bear without Him. Actions and reactions are reflections of a prayerful spirit.

The race is over. Slow down and enjoy the relationship with God you were meant have. Be thoughtfully present in the Holy Spirit. Anxiety, fear and uncertainly will no longer be able to push you in a race you were never meant to win. Remain thoughtfully present in the presence of God. Realize through the blood of Christ, you’ve already won!

By Kim Ridley, Registered Nurse and Nurse Recruiter for Baptist

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