Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Tribute honors 60-year nursing legacy

Baptist Women’s Hospital has honored nurse Barbara Helms for her 60 years of service through a new award, The Barbara Helms Tribute Award. Posted in the pediatric emergency department, the award will recognize Baptist team members whose work mirrors Barbara’s contribution.

The Barbara Helms Tribute Award

This award is a symbol of recognition to the employees who provide pediatric emergency care and demonstrate Barbara’s character, work ethic, and compassion. We honor her tireless perseverance, loyalty, and commitment as a Baptist nurse of 60 years. Barbara is the essence of a heartfelt and humble servant through unpredictable and evolving times while maintaining integrity, passion and love for her work.  She has encouraged countless patients and their families with her extraordinary care, empathy and compassion.  We honor and recognize these employees for their contribution to Baptist, their patients and their team members.

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