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Ron Montague

DAISY winners know the meaning of compassion

When patients are in distress or face a helpless situation, these DAISY winners instinctively know what to do. Congratulations Cassie and Ron!

Baptist DeSoto

Cassie Epperson, an RN in the Emergency department at Baptist DeSoto, literally took the extra steps to help her patient. Her nominator wrote:

“My parents have been married 56 years and have never spent a night apart until these last five days while my mother was hospitalized.  Today we had to bring my father to the ED due to his declining health. When she (Cassie) learned that he would be admitted, she tried to get him and my mother on the same floor. It turned out to not be possible, but Cassie had another surprise in store for him. She took extra time to get him into a wheelchair, and then told him on this way to his room he was going on a date. Cassie took him to his wife’s room to visit her for 15-20 minutes.  He got to talk with her and love her.”

NEA Baptist

Ron Montague, an RN works on 5 West at NEA Baptist, helped multiple patients simply by showing empathy and compassion during their weakest moments. According to his nominators:

“Ron comes in and it’s like a whole new world. He showed compassion and did not treat David like a pill popper or pain med seeker. He understood.”

“I came in as a stroke patient. Ron treated me with respect and took care of my every need. He is a triple A+ nurse!”

“My husband was admitted 15 days ago. He was so very sick. The first three days there was a male nurse who stood out who gave compassionate care not only to my husband, but to me and the rest of the family. It was like God worked beside Ron and told him we needed him.”

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