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Stephanie Lewis, RN, ICU

DAISY winners: Angels or nurses?

Frightened patients with chronic illnesses found peaceful comfort in the hands of the recent NEA Baptist  DAISY winners.

Cynthia Lindstrom, RN, 5 West

“Cindy’s confidence gave us confidence.  I’m not sure she isn’t an angel.  We were blessed by Cindy.”

Stephanie Lewis, RN, ICU

“Another thing that will always stick in my mind is Stephanie humming a song as she worked.  That tells me she loves her job!  It’s been a long time since I have heard anyone humming as they worked.  A simple pleasure, which is truly missed.”

Victoria Rios, RN, 3 East    

“Victoria stood out among the great nurses caring for me.  She took time to talk and showed interest in my health issues. As a very sick patient, I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate kind nurses.”

Congratulations to the NEA Baptist nurse winners!



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