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A Parting Message from Anita Vaughn

By: Anita Vaughn, former CEO and administrator, Baptist Women’s Hospital and Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital


It is with such mixed feelings that I retire from a career that has been the capstone of my professional life. The Women’s A Parting Message from Anita Vaughn_2Hospital for 15 years and the Children’s Hospital for the past three years have been places that I have looked forward to seeing each day. It is truly a mission field.

A Parting Message from Anita Vaughn_3Yes, we have a beautiful building, but the real beauty comes from the most committed, passionate, tenacious staff and physicians that I have ever witnessed in my 43-year career. We have built a world- class women’s service because of the commitment to continuous improvement, predominantly physician led.

We are well on our journey to replicate this success in pediatrics. I would like to introduce Kevin Hammeran, our new CEO. He comes with great expertise in Pediatrics and Women’s services. His latest position was Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Sloane Hospital for Women in New York. Please help me welcome him as we make our way around to the different practices and departments.

I will miss each and every one of you, and I am thankful for the continuous support and encouragement you have shown me for the past 18 years of our journey together. I wish you all the BEST! When I think of each of you, I think of the parable of the talents…

”Well done my good and faithful servants.”

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