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Walgreens back in Baptist health plan as partnership with BMG begins

A partnership between Baptist Medical Group and Walgreens led to the drug store chain rejoining Baptist’s health plan beginning June 1. Starting then, colleagues and family members who have Baptist insurance can receive care and fill prescriptions at Walgreens stores at in-network rates.

On June 3, 2014, Baptist Medical Groups’ partnership with Walgreens HealthCare Clinics officially begins. BMG physicians will work with 11 metro-Memphis Walgreens HealthCare Clinics to assist in providing care outside the Walgreens Clinics’ scope of practice and to help manage the treatment of chronic diseases. This collaboration will provide patients access to quality care seven days a week overseen by Baptist Medical Group physicians. The collaboration will include direct communication between Baptist Medical Group physicians and Walgreens Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners to facilitate care coordination and sharing of patient information as well as enhance awareness of Baptist Medical Group’s primary care, specialty care and diagnostic services.

“This is a huge win for our entire organization, especially our colleagues,” said John Lacy, vice president of human resources for Baptist. “We believe this agreement will bring our health plan members added value and convenience. Now, employees can choose to be treated at a Walgreens HealthCare Clinic, or a BMG Minor Medical Center or Walk-in Clinic. In addition to getting quality care, they can get their prescriptions filled at Walgreens and know that the care they received was backed by the expertise of BMG physicians.”

Walgreens’ HealthCare Clinic enhances the access to care available to Baptist health plan members. In addition to an extensive network of primary care physicians, they have in-network access to BMG Minor Meds and Walk-In Clinics. The Minor Meds and Walk-In Clinics provide comprehensive primary care services in a number of locations and have extended hours.

If you have any questions, please contact your entity human resources office.

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