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Think Silver for HumanaVitality 2016

This spring, color your world Silver with HumanaVitality.

For seasoned and new team members on Baptist’s health plan, the path to earning discounts on your 2017 insurance premiums begins with your own health in 2016. We make it easy to get started and to follow tips on how to earn points. Here’s a glance at HumanaVitality 2016.

  • Team members who reach Silver status in HumanaVitality by Sept. 1, 2016 will receive a $40 per month ($20 per pay period) discount on their health plan premiums in 2017. There are many ways to get to Silver status. It all depends on how you want to engage in your health and earn points.
  • You must reach Silver status to earn a discount on your 2017 health insurance premiums. You can no longer earn a discount on your premiums for reaching Bronze status.
  • If you are already part of HumanaVitality, just sign on to your Vitality account. Your Vitality home page will tell you how many points you need to re-earn your previous status or move to the next status level. Ten percent of your points carry over from the previous year.

So what’s the best road to Silver? You can earn 500 points just for completing the health assessment. If you complete it before 3/31/16, you earn an additional 250 points, and it only takes a few minutes! If it’s your first time to take the assessment, you earn another 500 points. That’s a potential of 1,250 points!

Once completed, you will receive your Vitality Age, a personal report that details how you’re living compared to your actual age and provides recommendations for improving your health.

As you advance from Silver to higher levels, your Vitality points equal Vitality bucks redeemable in the Vitality Mall.

Visit, call 1-800-708-1105, or email for more information. You can also download the HumanaVitality app, which is available for iPhones and Android smartphones.

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