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The why and what of BLDI

Every quarter, Baptist leaders from across the system gather at an offsite location for an all-day meeting. Named the Baptist Leadership Development Intensive, or BLDI for short, this meeting represents an important time across the organization.

A result of Baptist’s affiliation with Studer, a health care consultant organization, BLDI aims to develop leaders across Baptist, with the end goal of improving leadership quality and organizational performance. “The BLDIs are not only an investment in the recognition and development of our leaders, but are also a mechanism by which to make Baptist the best place to work and to receive care. By developing our leaders, we improve their ability to lead our teams to the desired level of performance,” said Stephanie Clark, chief learning officer. Baptist began holding BLDI in early 2016.

During the day, senior leaders including CEO/President Jason Little, give detailed updates on financials, organizational plans, federal and state policies and more.

A key part of the day focuses on “what’s right” at Baptist, which highlights a successful team within Baptist that has implemented changes that led to improved outcomes. During the meeting on January 11, Jeff Wright, MD, shared this success story at Baptist Memphis.

The majority of the day is spent on an aspect of development. For example, at the meeting on January 11, leaders learned how to utilize individual development conversations to establish a culture of high performance.

So how does everyone across Baptist benefit from BLDI? Managers and leaders start the process. After the meeting, they return to their home base and share the day’s event with teams, updating about key organizational news and answering questions.

Look for more Leader stories this year directly related to BLDI, leadership initiatives and how this affects your work and world at Baptist.

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