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Patient’s love of Elvis saved his life

Local radio personality Jim Sykes is a big Elvis Presley fan. So when he found out that BMG-The Medical Group had an exam room dedicated to The King of Rock and Roll, he made an appointment to see one of the group’s physicians – Dr. Mark Castellaw – in the “Elvis Room.” During his physical, Dr. Castellaw discovered that Jim was having a heart attack and got him to the ER in time to save his life.

The events surrounding Jim’s visit are rare, but his desire to be seen in the “Elvis Room” is quite common. The room, filled with memorabilia donated by “Elvis Radio” personality and Elvis’s close friend, George Klein, and others, is very popular with patients. Fans even visit the room every year during Elvis Week.

The room has been part of BMG-The Medical Group’s history for decades. Elvis was a patient at the group’s old Midtown office, so the original “Elvis Room” was created there. After the practice relocated to Germantown, the group took the Elvis memorabilia with them and established a new “Elvis Room.”

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