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Financial planning can make Christmas brighter

If you ever find yourself scrambling and unprepared during the Christmas season, now is the time to change that tiresome pattern. While making decisions during open enrollment season, it’s also an ideal time not only to look at your health benefits, but at your financial benefits as well.

As a Baptist employee, you are eligible to join the credit union. This gives you access to savings and checking accounts, club savings accounts, low interest loan rates, program savings discounts—and even Christmas Club savings accounts!

Did you know, if you set up a payroll deduction of just $50 per pay period to a Christmas Club savings account, this time next year you will have $1,300! How’s that for a shopping spree?

Some of you may think, “But I’m already pay-check to pay-check… how can I afford to take $50 out of my check?” The best rule of thumb is to pay yourself first. When you are setting a budget for living expenses, plan to pay yourself first. It may mean cutting out one dinner at a restaurant and eating at home or making coffee at home each morning instead of paying $5 for coffee. Little things add up. And those little things that add up will also cut down on Christmas stress.

So while you’re making preparations for next year’s benefits and the holidays, take a minute to look at your financials, too. If you would like to learn more about how the credit union can help you, stop by your local benefit fair. We will have a representative available to answer questions as well as take membership and loan applications.

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