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Humana Vitality
Humana Vitality

Employee wellness program announces website changes, iPad mini contest

HumanaVitality, an employee wellness program open to all Baptist colleagues and their family members who are on Baptist’s health insurance plan, recently announced changes to its website and a “Get to Silver” contest.

The HumanaVitality website,, has been updated with a new layout, making it easier to find information.  In addition, HumanaVitality has updated the fitness device synching process, so users will no longer need a Humana Fit account.

HumanaVitality also is hosting a contest to encourage Baptist colleagues to become more involved with the program. Everyone who achieves Silver Status by June 30 will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an iPad mini. Those who achieve Gold Status by June 30 will receive two entries into the drawing, and achieving Platinum Status by June 30 will earn users four entries in the contest.

HumanaVitality is designed to reward colleagues for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The more colleagues do to stay healthy, the more Vitality Points they can earn. Vitality Points lead to higher Vitality Status and more Vitality Bucks® to spend at the HumanaVitality Mall as well as opportunities for discounts of up to 40 percent on purchases.

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