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Baptist Golden Triangle, OB/GYNs Receive Center of Excellence Designation

The American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists designated Baptist Golden Triangle, the Physicians & Surgeons Clinic and three of its physicians as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology.

“The designation means the integrated efforts of the hospital, the surgical practice and the surgeons have been proven to have the best practices in minimally invasive gynecological surgery,” said Dr. Edward Betcher, OB/GYN with Physicians & Surgeons Clinic and one of the COEMIG-designated surgeons.

P & S Surgeons Dr. Kam Otey and Dr. Patrick Chaney also received the COEMIG designation.

The hospital and the participating clinic and its surgeons had to pass a rigorous certification process that included a detailed application and verification of staff training and hospital equipment, followed by a day-long visit from a certification team whose members reviewed charts; interviewed staff, physicians and hospital leadership; and followed the entire minimally invasive surgery process.

All three surgeons agree that the designation means better care for patients.

“The Center of Excellence designation means that the surgeons, hospital staff and the hospital are able to deliver safe, effective and high-quality care to our patients having minimally invasive gynecologic surgery,” said Dr. Chaney.

“This designation represents a significant investment by the surgeons, the hospital staff and the hospital to provide high-quality care using advanced techniques in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery,” said Dr. Otey. “Ultimately, our patients can benefit the most by having less pain, smaller incisions and a quicker return to normal activities.”

According to Dr. Betcher, less than 1 percent of hospitals receive this designation.

“It’s a tough process, but it separates those who are ‘committed to’ minimally invasive surgery from those who just ‘do’ minimally invasive surgery,” he said.

The certification process is an opportunity for a facility to look at itself and reaffirm that it is doing everything it can to provide good outcomes for its patients, said Melonie Marchak, RN, Baptist Golden Triangle director of perioperative services.

“We looked at our processes in the operating room, before and after surgery; how we are educating the patient; how we are performing the procedures; and ways we can improve,” she said.

Katie Mcilwain, Baptist Golden Triangle material manager for surgical services, added, “Being awarded a Center of Excellence demonstrates that we provide high-quality, cost-effective and safe care to all of our patients.”

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